Eastern Europe is a part of the world that men most associate with mail order brides, and international dating, in general. This is probably because whenever you ask anyone about the mail order bride scene, they’ll usually talk about Russia, or Ukraine.

Why then do you see so many men focusing on Asian women in their quest for romance?

A lot of this has to do with the fact that Asian countries remain consistently cheap to visit and live in. Eastern Europe, on the other hand, seems to be swinging more towards the same economic model as the rest of Europe i.e. everything is becoming stupidly expensive.

Ukraine is one of the few exceptions to this rule, and a far lower cost of living combined with stunning women makes a visit here a no-brainer.


Russia is Expensive – Ukraine is Cheap

Now, before we continue with this article we need to create a bit of perspective. Russia is now only deemed to be expensive by Eastern European standards. The cost of living there is still a hell of a lot cheaper than say Switzerland, as just one example.

Ukraine however still enjoys a far lower cost of living than pretty much any other country you can think of, including some Asian countries.

The average monthly salary here, after tax, is about $300, and that’s if you can find a job. The Ukrainian economy took a real pounding after the country split with the former Soviet Union, dropping by about 60% since 1991.

GDP in America dropped by about 25% during The Great Depression, which means Ukraine has been in economic freefall for the best part of 20 years.

This is actually good news for the money-conscious international dater because you can visit Ukraine on a pretty small budget, simply because everything here is so cheap by western standards. Cigarettes are a good measure of how expensive it is to live in any country, and you can buy a pack of Marlboro there for about $1.50. If you want a coffee with your cigarettes that’ll cost you no more than $1.50, unless you’re being blatantly ripped off.

Hotels are really cheap, costing just $20 – $30 per night for a basic 3-star hotel, and no more than $150 per night for a resort hotel, although there aren’t many of those in the country.


Ukraine is on the vast side of things when you consider sheer land mass, so a visit here is going to last more than a long weekend. In the case of a multi-week trip you should look at renting an apartment, and that won’t cost you more than $800 for an entire month.

That’s less than you would spend on a cheap weekend in Vegas!

Treating your date to a night out also won’t require you to travel to Thailand to sell a kidney on the black market. A 3-course meal costs about $25 per person, and beers cost about $1 per bottle. That’s just for local beers though – if you want anything imported then expect to pay a premium for the privilege.

Ukrainian Women Want to Meet Western Men!

Well, why else would you be on an international dating site if you weren’t looking for a Ukrainian woman who was more than happy to enter into a long distance relationship with you, ultimately, and hopefully, leading to marriage?

We know the sub-headline above is a case of stating the blindingly obvious, but it’s no truer than it has been in quite a few years.

We already mentioned that Ukraine is experiencing pretty serious economic turmoil, which means everything here is far cheaper if you’re earning a western salary.

A side effect of all these economic problems is that any of the remaining eligible men are trying to leave the country for better opportunities in the west. This is also due to the ongoing military tension between Ukraine and Russia, and the risk of being conscripted to fight if another conflict were to start.

Another key reason why there are so many Ukrainian women looking to meet western men is that the male population has struggled since the end of World War II to reach parity with the female population.

Almost 7 million Ukrainians died during this time period, almost 18% of the entire population of the country. So there are only 86 men for every 100 women in the country – the odds are so heavily stacked in your favor it’s almost unfair.

Ukrainian women also face some other major hurdles in dating men from their own country. The first is that Ukrainian guys don’t live very long, usually dying no later than their early 60s.

There’s also the fact that alcoholism is rampant among the male population. So, even if a woman can find a single Ukrainian man, there’s a very good chance he’ll be an alcoholic, eventually ruining her life.

What we’re getting at here is that the “dating pool” in Ukraine for women is so shallow a woman would probably crack her head wide open if she dove in.

The tens of thousands of beautiful single women here want to meet a man, settle down and have children, but it’s literally impossible for many of them to do that because of where they live.

So, right now is a great time to visit the Ukraine to meet single girls. There’s such a shortage of guys here you can literally have your pick of single girls. The other thing to consider before you visit is how many Ukrainian girls have emigrated, and that they’re telling their female friends that life in the west is way better than in Eastern Europe. Basically, women here are already pre-sold on the benefits of dating and marrying a western man.

For these girls, dating an American or European guy isn’t a desperate attempt to escape their circumstances. They know that dating and marrying a western guy can literally change their lives, and the lives of their future children, but deciding to emigrate to a foreign country is never any easy decision for any woman to make.

It’s a huge risk for her, and not one she’ll take lightly.

Generally speaking, as a western man won’t have alcohol or substance addiction problems for her to deal with, it’s unlikely you live near a war zone, and she has a chance at a real life with kids, and a real career if she wishes – if she can “seduce” you into dating her and maybe marrying her.

Western women aren’t shy about venting their frustration when they see men traveling to Ukraine in search of romance and love. What they’re absolutely missing is that these are the same men they’re actively ignoring because they’re too busy building their career, or finding themselves, or some other liberal nonsense.

These are time-hungry pursuits that Ukrainian girls don’t have the resources or opportunity to pursue. Instead they’re devoting what time and resources they do have to finding a suitable mate, and North American and European men fit that bill perfectly.

Ukraine Women Dating Profiles From A Foreign Affair:

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Ukrainian Women are the Most Beautiful in the World

The video below gives you an idea of what your typical Ukrainian girl looks like, and they’re not the exception to the women you can expect to find here.

In fact, Ukrainian girls are generally seen as more attractive that Russian or Polish girls. You’re not going to come across very many overweight girls here either. This is unlike in some other Eastern European countries where about 30%+ of the single women could be classified as being a bit on the “thick” side.

Not only are the women here stunning, but they’ve friendly, patient and curious about you and the world outside their own. Yes, they have that killer one-two punch of being beautiful and easy to get along with.

North America and Europe is full of beautiful women, but most of them have the personality of a death camp guard on a bad day i.e. they’d stab you for dreaming about another girl…and being stupid enough to admit it.

Your average Ukrainian girl has long hair, full lips, piercing eyes, and just the right amount of curvature in the right places.

Anyway, check out the video to see the net result of exercise and good genes:

Take a Romance Tour

It might not sound as adventurous as simply heading off into the wild blue yonder on your own, but an organized tour can make a lot of sense, especially for the first time overseas traveler.

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t book your tickets, hotel and set up dates yourself, but you do need to be really well organized to get it all right the first time around.

That’s why a “romance tour” can be a great way for you to dip your toes into the waters of international dating, but without all the risk.

An organized personal introduction tour is a good idea even for a seasoned international dater. One of the biggest headaches is setting up enough dates to make the trip worthwhile, and then you have to consider how massive Ukraine is, meaning that you need to organize your dates all within a specific geographic region. This is something you won’t need to worry about if you use a reliable romance tour company. Just sayin’.

Now, your next hurdle is finding a tour operator you can rely on to do a good job, to support you throughout the trip, and answer any questions you might have. A Foreign Affair has built a reputation as being one of the leading companies offering personal introduction tours in Ukraine, and their customers agree:

The quality of introductions was outstanding and the quantity was great too. The ladies I met were not only beautiful and met my criteria, but were there to meet me for the right reasons – to meet me and explore a chance for a relationship. – Emmanuel

I’m going back for New Years to meet a woman that I met through AFA. – Jason

There was a good mix of ladies of all ages. I had no problem getting dates and just wish the trip was longer. I met 4-5 wonderful girls and plan on returning again. The dollar goes a long way here, so dating costs even less now. – Ken

I will say that the social in Odessa was far superior than I expected, but it was only through the social that I found the one I was looking for. I personally never made it out of Nikolaev and I look forward to the promising continued relationship with the woman I met there. – Mark

I love Ukraine I had the best time of my life! – Tony

Hints and Tips

Men traveling from the United States or European Union won’t need a visa to enter Ukraine, so long as your visit doesn’t last more than 90 days.

You’ll need to let customs know if you’re carrying more than $3,000 in cash, and don’t even dream about bringing anything potentially illegal with you – recreational substances being one example.

You’ll need a daily budget of $50 for food and beer as you’re taking in the sights and sounds of the country. Public transport costs very little, as does eating in restaurants, so a budget of $2,000 can last you several weeks if you plan things out in advance.

Make sure you have some photos of your family, friends and/or pets on your phone before you visit. Your dates will appreciate a quick glance at what your life looks back home, so she knows what to expect. Don’t go overboard on this though, or you’ll bore even the most patient woman.

If you won’t have a translator to help with any language barriers, then please, please learn enough Ukrainian or Russian to make small talk with your date.

Don’t forget to ask her about her life, her job and her family though – this is not all about you. She’ll be eager to learn as much English as you can teach her, so make this something fun you can do together. Oh, and women here love small thoughtful gifts, especially flowers and chocolates.


Ukraine remains a great place to meet women who are completely open to the concept of being a mail order bride. The cost of living makes traveling to and staying there affordable almost no matter what budget you’re working with.

But, as the headline of this article says, it shouldn’t be just about how cheap Ukraine is, but instead how beautiful the women here actually are. And friendly. And considerate. And passionate. You know, all the things you want in a woman but can’t find it where you are right now.

Now while you’re thinking about what to do next, go back and check out that video again. That’s what you expect a woman to look like, and that’s exactly what Ukrainian women can offer you. The average girl here is as pretty as the hottest girls you can find back home.