Belarus is a beautiful country and is home to some of the most eligible brides in Eastern Europe. It’s not as well-known as its neighbors like Russia and Poland, so is often overlooked by men looking for Eastern European brides. But this is a mistake!

Belarussian women are exceptional in every way and their many unique characteristics make them a dream for romance and marriage. Their traits are an ideal package for many foreign men – they are strikingly beautiful, exceptionally intelligent and ambitious, love sports, love foreign culture and men, and are fiercely loyal.

There are many reasons to look for a mail order bride from Belarus, which we will explain below in details.

Before we get into the wonders of Belarussian women, let’s take a quick look at the country itself.

Belarus is not well-known in the world, many people do not even know where it is (so don’t feel bad if you are one of them!). Even its close neighbors often know little about the country. But there are many things to know as it’s a wonderful country in every way.


Belarus: A Hidden Jewel In Eastern Europe

Belarus is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe. It is surrounded by Lithuania and Latvia in the north, Russia in the north-east, Ukraine in the south, and Poland in the west.

It’s capital is Minsk, a vibrant, world-class city in every way. Although, the distance from the capital to Vilnius (capital of Lithuania) is only 188 km away, visit Lithuania, Belarussians need a visa.

Belarus is 207 000 square kilometres in size. While that’s a fairly average size for a European country, Switzerland, Hungary, Belgium and the Netherlands, could altogether fit within the territory of Belarus! However the population density of Belarus is low, with only about 9.5 million people. The city of Minsk has a higher population compared to other cities. It’s the 11th most populated place in Europe, with about 2 million residents. So, in terms of finding love in Belarus, we recommend Minsk as the best location to visit in the country.

Belarus is green – very green. It’s often reffered to as the “Lungs of Europe” as around 40% of the country is made up of forests. Belarus’s Bialowieza Forest is the largest and oldest forest in the whole of Europe! Here you will also find the largest animal in Europe – the European Bison.

Although one would think that Belarussian is the main language spoken here, both Belarussian and Russian are the two official languages, and in most cases people here speak Russian as their first language. However, in the regions closer to the borders of Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland, many people speak “Trasyanka” which is a colorful mixture of the two languages.

Cost of a Belarusian Mail Order Bride

Belarus stuck with the Soviet style planned economy longer than anywhere else in the old communist blog, so it tends to be cheap.

Let’s compare it to Nashville, just for example.  According to Numbeo, “You would need around 1,808.25$ (4,538.29BYN) in Minsk to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 4,900.00$ in Nashville, TN (assuming you rent in both cities).”

Here is a little more detail:


If you like in Denver or San Diego those numbers will make Minsk look even better. 

Belarus is considered a very safe and very friendly and welcoming country, making it an excellent place for foreigners to visit, explore, and spend time. In fact, according to statistics, it is one of the safest countries in the whole world.

The country also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world, with less than 1% being unemployed. Because of this, it’s very rare to see homeless people or beggars in the street, which is very unusual for Eastern Europe. It’s also one of the main factors for the country being so safe for foreigners to visit.

Belarus is known as the “Eastern European Las Vegas”. With gambling being banned in nearby Russia, Belarus jumped at the opportunity and is a country filled with casinos and nightlife. It’s made it a popular vacation destination for neighbouring countries because of the casinos, and as always with casinos, it also means a great nightlife in general.

That means that there tend to be lots of cheap, world class hotel rooms. Take a look at what a search for on revealed for a week long stay at a world great hotel in downtown Minsk in January 2020:

A whole slew of hotels rated 8.0 and up by Booking’s picky users for $30 a night and less.  This is like Las Vegas in the ‘70s! 

Anyhow, before you decide to book a ticket to Minsk checkout our front page article which breaks down the most common costs of searching for a woman overseas. There are a lot of details men overlook.

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Last word about Belarussian country insights is that its people absolutely adore potatoes. Known as “bulba”, almost all national dishes include this important ingredient. In Belarus, there are more than 300 dishes from potatoes! So, if you happen to be a potato fan, this is a big bonus!

If not, did I mention the women are HOT?

Belarusian Women

Now that you know about the country, let’s talk about its amazing women!


Girls from Belarus are truly unique. They are often referred to by foreigners as “a precious treasure”. As with most women in Eastern European countries, Belarusian girls are naturally gorgeous. They have strong Slavic genes that give them a fine, distinctive bone structure, slim bodies, light blonde hair and fair skin, as well as mesmerizing blue eyes.

However, unlike most Eastern European women, who are often heavily caked in make-up and provocatively dressed, the women of Belarus prefer to show their beauty in a natural and humble way. With their inherent attractiveness, they do not need the help of heavy make-up to look radiant, they just simply are. Walk the streets and you will gawk at the amount of beautiful women out and about. It can be overwhelming – but what a wonderful thing to be overwhelmed about!

Belarussian women are something of a secret in the world. They are largely unknown to most foreign men. Partly this is because visa restrictions and governmental factors have made Belarus a very isolated country. It’s neighboring countries, especially the mighty and powerful Russia, tend to dominate the scene and attract more attention.

This has left Belarussians with a kind of struggle to form their own identity and is one of the reasons why Belarusian women are reserved, sweet, and slightly conservative – at least in the beginning while getting to know them.

In comparison to women of other nearby countries such as Russia and Ukraine, one will find the Belarussian women tend to be more independent and also more stylish.

Belarussian women are smart. They are known to be extremely intelligent and hard-working, as a lot of emphasis is placed on education in the culture of the country.

Just as an example, the country has produced 5 Nobel Laureates – an impressive count for a single country. Belarussian girls are well-educated about many things, as well as knowing a lot about foreign countries. The women here are often quite obsessed about foreign countries and foreign men, and you’ll often find that a Belarussian girl is very well-travelled, both throughout Europe and the world.

However, it’s in the nature of Belarussian women to be humble about their intelligence and education. When first meeting a local girl, you may perceive this for naivety – but don’t be mistaken! Once you get to know her, she will greatly impress you with her knowledge and intellect.

I had a wonderful romance with a Belarusian girl, which was possibly my most memorable romance of my life. Only after about 6 months of dating did she reveal that she had 3 Masters’ degrees, including an MBA from the top university in Switzerland. With her being so humble and sweet, I was shocked (but so impressed!)

A Belarusian woman tends to be shy and conservative at first, but after getting to know her you will see it’s well-worth some initial effort in getting to know her and taking things slow. You will be amazed at the world she will reveal after she feels comfortable and trusting of you.

A Belarusian girl will ALWAYS impress you to no end, they have many tricks up their sleeve and reveal them over time in a humble and sweet way.

Another interesting attribute of Belarussian girls are that they are very keen on sports. The local culture places a lot of emphasis on a healthy outdoor lifestyle, so the women here regularly go to the gym and play a wide variety of sports. It’s in part why they look so young and glowing and why they can seem like shy and sweet supermodels!

For such a small country, Belarus has an incredible amount of achievements in the world of sport.


Some of the most popular sports here are football (soccer), hockey, rowing, swimming and rhythmic gymnastics. Ice Hockey is one of the most popular sports here and there are 26 ice arenas in Belarus, including Minsk Arena, which is the fourth largest in Europe.

So if you like sports, it’s a great topic for a flirty conversation and a great idea for a date.

Back to my romance with a Belarussian girl, I suggested we have a fancy dinner for our first date and she promptly suggested that we rather enter an SUP (Stand Up Paddle) race for our first date! It was a scary prospect since I had never tried this sport, but she was certainly beautiful enough for the extra effort and it turned out to be a really fun first date.

Marrying a Belarusian Mail Order Bride

Belarusian women make wonderful life-partners for many different reasons. Here are some of them:

They Take Good Care of Themselves

Belarusian women take great pride in looking after their health and appearance throughout their lives. While it’s quite common for women of many nationalities to “let themselves go” past a certain age, once married or once becoming a mother, Belarussian women will always stay active, play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle.

When visiting Belarus, it’s quite likely you’ll see women in the 80s looking healthy, trim and going for a jog.

They Make Excellent Mothers

Belarusian women take great care in their role as mothers. Family is a very central theme in Belarus and Belarusian women are very loving and caring towards their children. They take great interest in their children’s lives and they place a strong value on their children’s education – both academically and teaching them to be street-wise, have strong general knowledge and a strong sense of values.

They Make Doting Wives

Belarusian girls love romance and they will treat their partner with love all through life. They are always attentive partners and in their culture they place great value on making their man happy and fulfilled. Even though they will focus so much on raising children, they will never forget, what they consider their first duty, which is to keep their husband happy and in love.

They Are Loyal

Belarussian women are fiercely loyal – they are famous for it. It comes from a strong cultural tradition of being faithful and supporting your man no matter what. Although Belarussian girls are smart, hard-working, and ambitious, they will always choose family and marriage over a career (if that is what is required of them).

They Live Long

In Belarus, a women’s average life expectancy is 77 years old – which is almost ten years more than that of men. There are over 400 women in Belarus that are over 100 years old, including four that are over 115 years old!

They Are Always Kind

One of the most marked characteristics of a Belarusian Mail Order Bride is that they are always very kind and sweet. They will always be kind to their partner, never shouting, never causing a fuss. They are appreciative of a good life with a foreign man and always remain humble and loving.

Dating Belarusian Girls

Meeting, flirting with and dating Belarusian girls requires some knowledge of the dating culture and how local girls view dating and romance. Here are some of our tips for successful dating in Belarus:

Take It Slowly

Do not expect sex to happen quickly. Bealrusian women hold very traditional values of marriage and family and are somewhat sheltered from Western ideals and mindsets.


As we explained, Belarussian girls are shy and conservative at first. This does change once they get to know you but in the beginning it is important to realise that they like to take things slowly in the beginning. While the women of nearby countries are known for their promiscuity, Belarusian girls are more conservative in their approach.

This does not mean that they don’t enjoy a great sex life, they certainly do! But it is more about the importance of embodying a tradition of coyness.

So don’t be in a rush and make her feel pressured. It is definitely worth putting in the effort of old-fashioned courting in the beginning as Belarussian girls will blow you away when they reveal their shining personalities.

This slower pace of dating means that you will most likely have 3 to 4 dates before physically connecting. But during those first dates, although she may not rush towards sex, she will be genuinely interested in getting to know you and really aim to make you feel special and have a nice time.

While the fact that Belarusian women like to take things slow and are not promiscuous may at first seems frustrating – this same personality trait will one day make you feel comfortable in her loyalty to you!

Shy But Not Naïve

Belarusian girls come across as shy, but in a very enduring way that makes them very attractive and lovable. It’s important to not confuse this with naivety. Under the shyness, Belarussian girls are extremely intelligent – both academically and also street smart.

They may not let it on, but they will be well-aware of your intentions, even if they seem coy. Belarusian girls are well-travelled and have a good knowledge of Western and European values and culture, as well as being very attracted to foreign men.

In fact, not only is she not naïve but she is likely to be rather cunning – there’s a good chance she is several steps ahead of you in her thinking and plotting.

World Curiosity

Belarusian girls love everything about foreign countries. They constantly learn about them through books and movies and when they are old enough, most spend a lot of time travelling and learning about new cultures.

Some of the most common destinations for Belarusian girls to visit are Russia, Turkey, Spain, Italy and Greece. As a foreign man, you will definitely spark her interest – a foreign man’s status is held high in Belarus.

When flirting or on a date, impress her with stories and facts about your culture. Tell her stories about your travels. Where is the best place you have been? What are your best stories of adventure? Which cultures interest you most?

These are subjects that she will love and want to engage in. Ask her about her travels, this will make her eyes light up and want to engage.

Head to Minsk!

Minsk is the capital of Belarus and the most densely populated. It attracts the best of the country – the highest quality of university students, and many young professionals as Minsk has the best universities and the best career opportunities. Also, it is more likely that a girl in Minsk will speak good English.


Minsk is the best destination in Belarus to search for love. After Minsk, if you want to explore smaller cities, another great place is Brest. The name says it all, right? 🙂

Learn Some Russian

Learning a bit of Russian, even if just a few key phrases, will win you big bonus points with Belarusian girls. It will set you apart from many other foreign men and girls here will appreciate the effort you have made. If anything, it’s a great conversation-starter.

Don’t be shy if you are not confident about your Russian pronunciation – if anything, girls here will find it cute and endearing. In fact, sometimes it’s best to pronounce things badly – it shows that you are willing to put in effort, and confident enough to show a vulnerable side. It will make her think you are sweet and interesting and also give her a chance to correct you – helping you to engage in a conversation straight away.

Ask her to teach you some more phrases, she will be delighted to help! Then you can reciprocate with a quick English lesson of fun phrases. Here’s a suggestion for one to teach her: “Would you like to go on a date with me?”!


Belarusian women are often superstitious – it’s deeply engrained in their culture. One big one to watch out for is that it is considered bad luck for a Belarusian woman to receive a bouquet with an even number if flowers!

So when you give her flowers, point out that you know about this superstition and she will be very impressed! Another local superstition is that unmarried girls will not sit at the corner of a table.

Go to Her Favorite Place

In Western culture, it’s often a good idea to take a lady to somewhere she hasn’t been before for a first date – to impress her with a new spot that you can introduce her to. But it’s not so with Belarusian girls!

When she agrees to go with you on a first date, instead of scrambling for Google to try and find an idea of where to take her, rather ask her where her favorite place is. Belarusian women feel more comfortable in a place they are used to, and this will make her more at easy and conversation will flow quicker.

Also, by her telling you her favorite place, she will also reveal to you what her preferences are and this will make your job easier in the future.

Always Pay

Gender roles are very clearly defined in Belarus and she will expect you to pay for the meal or activity on a first date. Make sure to do it with confidence and no hesitation. She may offer to share the bill but if she does do not fall into the trap! She will only do this as a way of testing you and she will be pleased that you insist on paying.

Meet Her Parents

Family ties are extremely important in Belarus. If you are serious about a girl and have intentions of taking things further, tell her that you would like to meet and get to know her parents.

This will show her several things including that you are serious about her and not just after a short fling, it will show that you could potentially be interested in marrying her in the future and it will show her that you care enough about her to want to meet her mother and father.

If you do go for a family visit, be sure to bring nice and thoughtful presents for them. It will be much appreciated.


Places to Meet Belarusian Girls


There are many places that are good for meeting Belarussian girls. If you are looking to meet someone during the daytime, Victory Square is probably your best bet. It is filled with beautiful women of all ages and you’ll be shocked at all of the eye-candy! Another place to meet local girls during the day is at one of the many shopping malls.

Girls spend a lot of time at shopping malls relaxing and having fun. Often they are also secretly looking to meet a foreign man. Some of the most popular malls include Galileo Mall, Dana Mall, Stolitsa Underground Mall, Zamok, Galleria Minsk, and the Belarus Shopping Mall – how is that for choice!

As we mentioned, Belarusian girls love sports and being outdoors and active. So taking up a sporting activity is also a great way to meet women during the daytime. Popular activities include running, kayaking and cycling. But whatever your preferred activity – you’ll find it here!

Coffee shops are also great places to meet Belarusian girls during the day. Coffee shops are hubs for young working professionals. Freelancing and remote working is popular here and there is a great vibe at local coffee shops with many beautiful girls sitting with their laptops while sipping on a cappuccino.

Striking up a friendly conversation is very well received in a Belarus coffee shop and girls that are working there will be delighted at the distraction of a charming foreign man. Here are some of the most recommended coffee shops in Minsk:


Manufaktura is widely regarded by locals as one of the best places in the city to grab a coffee and chat to a stranger. It’s located in Minsk’s historic downtown area so it has a good central location for your further exploring.


This is a super trendy coffee shop that is famous for starting off the contemporary coffee shop culture in Minsk. It’s small and cosy and a great place to start up a conversation with a beautiful local girl.


A really fun coffee spot that also has particularly good coffee on offer. It serves Seadog Coffee, which is a well-known local Belurussian brand. There’s a special vibe here that’s hard to explain but it’s really fun and it’s unique in Minsk.

Night Time

The nightlife in Minsk is often referred to as “electric” and “diverse”. There are many great nightclubs and bars where you can meet beautiful local girls. The clubs and bars are very diverse, so there is something for everyone – whether you’re after a wild night, a packed dancefloor or a quiet bar for a calm conversation.

Here are some of the most popular venues where you are most likely to meet beautiful Belarusian women:

Rich Cat Club

This is probably the most famous nightclub in Minsk. The DJ’s usually play the latest pop songs and there are many regular events such as go-go shows and barmen shows. But it is important to note that they have a dress code and you will be required to wear a suit.

There’s an entrance fee of $10 for men, and entrance is free for women. The Rich Cat Club is somewhere that you are likely to find some of the most beautiful women in the city.

Next Club

Another very popular location, this is a buzzing bar that it located in the Crowne Plaza Hotel. It’s a popular place for local girls to be on the lookout for foreign men. And the bonus is that if your date goes well, you can always book a room!


Bogema Live Club

If you’re looking for a girl that is not shy in the typically Belarussian way, then head to the lively Bogema Live Club. It promises a night of hedonistic fun, with regular themed parties and weekly karaoke parties. The restaurant here is also very good and makes a good place for a first date which can be followed by dancing and fun.


Other popular clubs to try out include Dozari, Black House Club, Next, Mouline Rouge, NLO, TNT Rock Club and Re:Public.

If you are feeling brave and looking for a something a little sexier, head to one of these popular joints: Pin Code Stripclub, Maxshow, Gentlemen’s House, Hot Coffee House, Lollipop, Laguna, and Texas.

Belarusian Mail Order Brides Make Perfect Wives!

The bottom line is that a Belarussian girl will make a perfect mail-order bride for many foreign men. They have many wonderful attributes that make them ideal for romance and a perfect fit for long-term prospects of marriage and home-making.

As a foreign man, you will present a lot of appeal in Belarus and your chances are high of meeting a special local girl here, especially in the town of Minsk.

Belarus is often overlooked as a destination for seeking a bride and this is a mistake of many but it does work in your favour as your competition will be less and you will be appreciated more.

All in all, we think a Belarussian mail order bride is a dream thought and well-worth pursuing!