Long distance relationships can be difficult to manage, especially if you spend more time apart then you do together.

However, there are steps that you can take to keep your connection to one another strong and to deal with the long lonely days and nights that you are apart.

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The following five steps will help you keep your international dating experience a positive one.

Tip #1 – Ground Rules for the Relationship

Since you will be relying a lot on personal control and integrity during your international dating experience you need to set ground rules for the relationship. These ground rules will help to establish what you each expect from the other when you are apart.

For example, some couples that have successful long distance international relationships agree to see other people while apart, although still maintain a close bond.

Others prefer to require monogamy from their partner. You can also fall somewhere in between the two extremes. You may allow dating and going out but disallow sexual encounters on these dates.

Tip #2 – Make Frequent Contact

The biggest killer of international relationships is a lack of constant contact between the two people. The fewer times you make contact with one another the more likely one or both people are going to stray.

If possible, try to make contact once a day either via email, a phone call or a letter. If this is impossible or not practical for your situation then try to find ways to connect with one another that will keep your bond tight.

Tip #3 – Make the Most of Your Time Together

Another way to keep your international dating experience a good one is to make the most of your time together. When you finally are able to be with one another, try to make the moments special. You can plan special trips, plan a romantic dinner or just do things that you both like to do.

Tip #4 – Share Each Other’s Country

If possible switch off who travels to see who. For example, one visit you may fly to see your boyfriend/girlfriend, and then the next time they come to see you. This will ensure both people get to make the effort to see the other.

If you are in the military this may not be possible if the person in the military is in a war zone, however, if they are stationed in a friendly country then it may be possible to travel back and forth.

Tip #5 – Communication Is Critical

To keep any long distance relationship alive you need to communicate. If the relationship is not working for you the way that it is set up, then you need to speak up.

Also if you are ready to take the next step in your relationship, or if you would like to share something with your partner, don’t be afraid. Sharing and communicating will help strengthen your relationship.