The term ‘mail order bride’ is one that is frequently used and heard particularly if you are a regular user of online dating services. These dating services usually feature women who are seeking foreign men for marriage.

The women are usually from developing countries. You can find mail order brides from Asia, Africa, Latin America, and eastern Europe. One of the most attractive types of women can be found in Russia.

A Russian woman who places her profile details into an online catalog or marriage agency has been labelled as a Russian mail order bride. Their intention is to marry a foreign man usually from one of the Western countries such as the USA, Australia, Canada, or the UK.

There are many misconceptions about the term mail order bride a couple being that they are opportunistic gold diggers or that they are even uneducated and just looking for a quick fix to get out of the country.


Nothing could be further from the truth. These single women whether they be Russian or from some other country are simply looking for a life partner and a lifestyle that will provide them with some emotional and economic security. It is completely unfair to label Russian women who have taken a courageous step to list themselves on a dating site as being Russian brides who are hungry for only money.

The truth of the matter is that Russian women have been raised with a strong sense of family values and that their one desire in life, apart from a career, is to get married and to start a family of their own.

It is this strong sense of family values that has been responsible for the large increase in the number of women from Russia who have signed up with a marriage agency and listed themselves as Russian mail order brides. The label has been around for years and even though these women are nowhere near being a mail order wife the name has stuck.

Expectations When Seeking a Russian Mail Order Bride

The unreal expectation of many men is that they believe that when they sign with one of these marriage agencies or Russian mail order bride services, that a beautiful Russian woman would be ready, eager, and able to walk down the aisle and eventually be their life time partner and the mother of their children.

The term mail order bride certainly is not popular with women who have signed up with these agencies. They find it to be somewhat demeaning and derogatory and most dating sites and services steer well clear of the term.

The fact is that Russian brides are in high demand in this day and age, and one of the reasons is that they are generally not considered to be deceitful. While there are undoubtedly plenty of scams online with regards to dating services, these are in a minority and make up a very minute percentage of the bad press that international marriage agencies seem to receive.


Some important traits about Russian girls makes them a very desirable life partner for Western men who may be tired of the local dating scene and who are looking for something or someone a little different. Russian girls place a lot of importance on their families, they genuinely enjoy being in a relationship, they are known to have great culinary skills and that means you can be guaranteed a well cooked, tasty meal when you get home from work.

Why Russian Women Want to Marry Foreign Men

Russian women do not hesitate about marrying a man who is much older than them. One of the problems in Russia, if you can call it a problem, is that the women outnumber men by a significant amount.

There simply is not enough men to go around. The Russian man is not renowned for remaining faithful to his partner and would rather spend time with his mates getting drunk.

Russian women know enough about the Western world to realize that the two sexes are on a much more even playing field in countries like the USA. There is much more respect for women in Western countries.

From the man’s point of view when he is clicking through literally thousands of women on a dating site, he can imagine himself with this woman on his arm. The typically beautiful Russian woman is a major source of attraction for Western men. While not every Russian woman has long legs, blonde hair, and blue or green eyes, guys like to think that they possess all these qualities.

When people are describing a girl from Russia, words like smart and elegant are freely used. Many Russian women are both intelligent and beautiful. The way they talk, the way they dress, the way they walk and their posture gives them that air of confidence.

They love to wear fashionable clothes which shows a good mixture of culture and current trends. They are able to talk easily on a number of different topics with a certain amount of ease and confidence.

A Russian companion will not let you down and her presence will always give you a sense of pride when you are amongst your colleagues, friends, and relatives.

All these positive characteristics make a great combination and means that a Russian woman is great marriage material. Western men find Russian women to marry them because they know how to take care of their husbands and children, should they have any kids.

In the eyes of Russian females, they find that Western men make better life partners than Russian men because they believe that foreigners are more caring and family-oriented husbands who are able to make better decisions in their life.

These and whatever other reasons are enough to motivate many young Russian ladies to register and apply for membership to these dating sites as a way of finding their perfect man as their life partner.

Communicating With Your Russian Love

Communication plays an important part in any relationship and if there is one disadvantage in finding an international wife from Russia it’s the language barrier. Most of them do not have good English, but any shortcomings in this area can be overlooked when you see how beautiful they are. Russian women are independent and pride themselves on the way they manage their home.

While many of them are also ambitious, their first priority is always their home and family. These qualities make them very desirable to have as wives for Western men. They can handle both career and home.

Russian Beauty

Everyone has heard that very common and famous quote that states: “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” In the case of Russian women, they are considered to be gorgeous and very attractive, especially in the eyes of Western guys.

In Russia, the word for beauty not only means beauty that is physical but also is referring to a characteristic that makes these women precious, different, and a little more exclusive than others. Terms like lovable and unique have been applied to Russian women.

It’s obvious that Western men are very attracted to Russian girls with the ultimate aim to marry them. Western men find a great attraction in the beauty of a Russian woman, and it is one of more important reasons for the success of the many Russian mail order bride dating sites.

Russian women also understand the importance of looking good and being attractive so that they can find a good husband. Russian women work on their looks by doing a lot of walking, not eating too much, applying the right amount of make-up and taking pride in their personal grooming.

Many of them were taught home crafts when they were children so you will find that they can knit or make their own clothes.

Beauty and Brains

A very high percentage of the Russian ladies that you will find on an Internet dating site have university degrees. The Russian population appears to have a better understanding of general knowledge than people living in other countries. But there is greater importance placed on finding a suitable partner for marriage for Russian girls, who are more than happy to give up their careers if it can be replaced by a happy family life.

If you choose two words to describe the women of Russia, those words would be strong and independent. It is no longer a secret that these qualities possessed by Russian women are what men are looking for.

Russian women also prefer men that are lovable and caring, and a man who is able to make his own decisions without being dependent on others. If you can add determination and humor to a man’s nature, then that is what Russian women seek. They respect and love men who can return their feelings.

How to Find a Russian Mail Order Bride

It’s a fairly inexpensive and a reasonably simple process to find a Russian mail order bride online. There are literally hundreds of these sites on the Internet which are providing introduction services or a form of matchmaking with Russian women.

Some of the better-known and trusted sites claim they have certain criteria for the selection of their women. Things like screening them for any criminal background and most importantly they must be at least 18 years old.

Over the past 15 to 20 years, the term mail order bride has become a part of the American vocabulary. Like all dating, whether it be local or international, there can be an element of risk.

If things go pear-shaped the bride can find herself isolated in a foreign country where she’ll be unable to speak or understand the native language fluently, and as a result maybe more vulnerable to abuse.

There is also a certain amount of risk for the man because his new foreign wife might have just gone through the whole process of greeting, meeting, and marriage to gain a permanent residency status and some extra money. But as mentioned before, the success of international marriages far out-weigh the failures, and the scams.

Those Russian women who are actively looking for American partners have the best of intentions and their hopes and dreams are the same as those of beautiful women everywhere.