Finding a mail-order bride online doesn’t have to be impossible, and thanks to technology it’s becoming more and more possible, and affordable.


While yes, it is true dating sites can be quite effective, using free chat rooms, and social media sites are also gaining popularity.

Weighing Your Options: What’s Available?

In some instances, users are creating their own legitimately free dating sites for open-use, but understandably such free services likewise experience their share of problems such as spam, fakes, and BOTS.

On the other hand, something that seems to be gaining even more popularity over the recent years is online forums – or discussion boards.


These websites, more or less serve as a way for like-minded individuals from around the world to discuss different hobbies, trends, and in this case dating experiences or marriage – in specific country. Specifically, dating abroad, where to find the best mail-order brides, and why.

Utilizing the Internet: It Goes Both Ways

Much like a lot of men have discovered, likewise foreign women abroad and potential mail-order brides are discovering in their own countries that a lot of dating services are scams, a waste of time, or gaining a bad reputation.

Because of this, in a lot of ways, people (especially men) are finding that more potential ‘mail-order brides’ can be found in greater places, more realistically, and in a controlled environment or way that works in their favor – not at the cost of say $5.00-$10.00 USD “virtual flowers” or other gifts that are never guaranteed to accomplish much if anything at all.

Foreign Brides and You

Another major setback and obstacle right now for men seeking a mail-order bride using the internet is that they are learning a lot of these dating agency websites have actually hired women, to recruit, “bait” scam as much money as possible from unknowing foreigners – sad but true. But, have no fear!

There are more innovative ways to find your mail-order bride, safely, and legitimately still using the internet – and often for free!

Needless to say, now that foreigner women and potential mail-order brides have discovered these problems, they are more frequently turning to not just their native (Russian) VK, but a lot of potential women are also turning to Facebook.


So, if you don’t already have a Facebook profile, now would be a great time to sign up! And, while we don’t work for or specifically endorse Facebook, the truth is we have experience using it for this, it’s obviously free, and is a great way to control the flow of conversation.

Using Free Apps and Websites to Your Advantage

This technique will allow you to slowly migrate to mic or video-chat, via Facebook Video, or you can add one another via skype – again all for free versus the major dating sites.

The weird thing is, a lot of these dating sites illustrate that you get what you pay for, and their selling point is that their site is more secure and that the women are “vetted”.

But, the truth is – and they won’t tell you this but – their sites are crawling with scammers and “working girls” alike.

Online Love Connections: Worth the Wait

Given the continued demand for foreign men, as well as many unchanged social dynamics and economic struggles in a lot of Asian countries, Russia, and Latin American countries, beautiful mail-order brides are becoming more and more available.

Also, their willingness to not only wait as long as it takes to meet, or move to and with you but also their sincerity has become more consistent.

That is, in many ways online dating has come such a long way that women know that a lot of men are aware these online scams, or have had bad experiences with these sites.

Likewise, foreign men have not been perfect in online love connections or mail-order brides, so it goes both ways.

So, aside from saving you money, and unwanted risks, a lot of these online women and mail-order brides are also learning more English, are fluent, or are taking the initiative to also practice on their own, from movies to T.V. shows, and even music – they are making it work.

And, likewise, to be completely fair, there is obviously still a tremendous demand for mail-order brides in places like the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other western nations around the world.

This is because men in these places are desiring more and more that unique, respectable, loving, and passionate woman which is often difficult to otherwise find locally or nationally.

Why Foreigners Seek Mail-Order Brides

As you can see from these examples, it really goes both ways in the sense of social dynamics, changes, and the evolution of the internet.

It is, therefore, by no means unheard of for a foreigner man and a mail-order bride to meet one another either through a website, agency, or social networking site and wait up to 6 months or even a year before meeting.

After all, given the technology and convenience of free services like Skype, or even WhatsApp and similar (Wi-Fi based) free world-wide texting Apps the limits are endless.

Finding a Bride Online: Is it worth it?

So, the final question we encounter here is simply, is it worth it? And, quite frankly the answer to this question is by no means one-sided or simple by any measure.

That is, as it will not just come down to the types of women you are interested in, but also the kind of man you are. Additionally, what services or websites and techniques you use to attract foreign women or a mail-order bride.

Just know, while it’s true that a budget will play a major role in some areas – like travel, meeting, and marriage – in comparison to 3 or 5 years ago meeting and “dating” online has become much more manageable, and affordable.

Therefore, the question really becomes, is finding a mail-order bride online worth it for you?